Want a Bigger Package? Follow These Tips

The need to wear pants or jeans that fit tight can be embarrassing for many men. This is because there is a popular belief that the fair sex pays more attention to guys which sport a rather big package. Unsurprisingly, everyone strives to meet this ‘standard’. If you cannot boast of a naturally impressive size, keep reading to find out what you can do to boost the appearance.

Does Your Package Size Really Matter?

Big package

On one hand, a vast majority of men are obsessed with dimensions of their genitals. On the other hand, there is an opinion that women actually care about your penis size much less than you do, which is not always the case. You should know that a quite large portion of women do pay attention to the size. The attitude depends on multiple factors, including their past sexual experience. Also, almost every woman will notice an impressive package, irrespective to what she thinks on the subject. Statistically, men who enjoy more attention for the purpose feel more confident and can hook up a partner easier. This is why men strive to fall into this category.

That said, the major reasons why you may want to have a bigger package include:

  • You can expect more attention from the fair sex, which can be easily translated into new relationships or partners.
  • You can gain better self-esteem and confidence in relations with both sexes.
  • You can boost your capacity to satisfy your partner.

Some Easy Tips to Have a Visually Bigger Package

If you like tight-fitting jeans, make sure your bulge looks attractive enough. Actually, there are many men who don’t like wearing this kind of clothes simply because their moderate size cannot be their proud boast. To feel always confident and wear whatever you like, consider the below lifehacks.

Be selective with your clothes

The first and the easiest option is to avoid wearing shorts or jeans which are too tight-fitting for you. Fortunately, it’s not a problem to choose an alternative design that suits you best. For many people, this is not an option because this mode of dress is convenient, practical and appropriate in many situations. On the other hand, if your bulge is really worth showing, feel free to highlight it with your pants or jeans.

Pack it up properly

You can easily affect how your package will look by arranging it properly. For example, by putting your testicles and penis to the same side you can visually increase the bulge. Another way is to use a pants design which will ensure support to your testicles and push them forwards.

Cock rings

A cock ring is a rubber or plastic device worn around the penis and testicles to trap blood and, accordingly, make the penis look bigger. Notice that this method is good for short-term use only; it is not recommended to wear such a ring on a permanent basis or too often. Still, it enables you to put your favorite jeans on.


This is another mechanical device designed to provide support to your balls and keep them up. As a result, you can have a more raised bulge on your pants to impress girls around you. However, the method causes no durable effect.

The natural package increase

The above methods mostly have been invented to deceive onlookers. However, there are some ways to gain a real and durable increase in size. Taking male enhancement pills like Extenze is a natural approach to the problem. Combined with topical exercises, it can make the difference quickly enough.

The Final Word No matter why you want to have a more pronounced bulge, there are some effective methods to do so. From the above range, select what suits you best to raise your popularity among women and enjoy other benefits mentioned. As a cardinal solution to the problem, consider the natural enhancement approach.